On-going Workshops

Cynkar ESOL class Apr 2013 group 1

Money Matter$ is a four hour/four topic (or block) program, divided into 2 two-hour sessions: Banking & Budgeting (Session 1), Credit & Predatory Lending (or Quick Cash Schemes) (Session 2).

Steps to registering:

1. Find a workshop

Here are the dates and locations for our Money Matter$ workshops at Pensacola State College. PSC Money Matter$ Workshop Calendar

2. Register

Email moneymatters@pensacolastate.edu to let us know your name, student ID# and the date of the workshops you would like to participate in

[OR…If you prefer to find a Money Matter$/Financial Literacy workshop at another community location, click on the calendar link below. This calendar also includes PSC dates (click on Community Workshops, then select Workshops and Training)

Community Money Matter$/Financial Literacy Workshop Calendar

Click on the link below to register for a workshop in the community. Please use your Pirate mail address, indicate PSC as the referring agency and request a Certificate of Completion – you’ll be so glad you did!

Money Matter$/Community Financial Literacy Workshop Registration]