Just in case you want to know what we’ve been up to this year, here’s a summary…

We have implemented a plan that has involved promotion of Money Matters topics through college-wide digital signs, workshop presentations given by Committee members at our unique in-service event, All College Day, and a presence at various college and community events with our distinctive vertical banner and tabletop display, along with handouts, such as Ten Tips to Saving Money.

We have also seen Money Matters themes introduced in the classroom from our ABE/GED classes to English, Accounting and Public Speaking (culminating in a cool online conference!), workshops for students through partnering with Student Activities, utilizing outside speakers from local financial organizations such as the Society for Financial Awareness and local banks. We have an online research guide dedicated to Money Matters on the college’s library website (http://researchguides.pensacolastate.edu) and our very own Money Matters Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pages/Pensacola-State-College-Money-Matters), in addition to the Money Matters site you are on right now!

 Working with community partners, we coordinated and promoted an IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site at the college , which resulted in our site serving more citizens this year than all other local community locations, with almost $1.8 million in refunds!

We have also been involved in a community partnership with a local judicial financial literacy project and AmeriCorps. By working together towards our common goal of improving the financial literacy of our community, we have shared the four hour Money Matters workshop curriculum, developed by PSC English professor, Dr. Debra Ryals, who is also on the Financial Literacy Committee. This course has been offered as a pilot through the judicial project, with AmeriCorps volunteers (one of whom is our very own Valerie Kendrick, part-time Financial Literacy Specialist at PSC), presenting it as they serve in local agencies such as Manna Food Bank, Catholic Charities, HeadStart, Legal Services of NW FL, Pathways for Change and United Way. Their goal is to have 500 individuals go through the Money Matters course by December 31st, with a 6 month follow up to ensure participants are using the material learned. Ultimately, Money Matters will be available at the college as a court-mandated course, through our Continuing Education department.

Finally, our signature event this year will be a fall term Money Matters week, which will incorporate Ask-the-Expert panels, breakfast reception/student Money Matters work showcase, scavenger hunts, workshops, giveaways, competitions, classroom presentations and more!