This is my own creation! It is quick and inexpensive.

Makes approximately 6-8 servings.



  • 1 can Roast Beef (in beef broth) $3.00
  • 1 bag egg noodles $2.
  • 1 can mushrooms (optional) $0.65
  • Seasonings to taste (garlic powder, black pepper, etc.)


  1. In a pot, combine roast beef, mushrooms (do NOT drain), and water (enough water to cover and cook noodles).  (I add a couple bouillon cubes.) Bring to a boil, add your preferred seasonings and noodles.  Lower heat and simmer until noodles are tender.  (See cooking directions on noodle bag for guidance.)
  2. You may add vegetables of your choice when water is boiling, or make a fresh salad and you have a quick, easy, tasty dinner.
  3. Be creative – add other ingredients that appeal to your taste buds. Cheese, cream of mushroom soup, etc.

Submitted By Deborah McClintock