Cost of recipe $15-$20

Serves 4 people (if not more!-this is a very generous portion) Equals out to about $4-$5 per person.



1 TSP Olive Oil

1 bag of baby yellow potatoes

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast

4-5 TBSP of Buffalo or hot sauce (Frank’s Red Hot is the best)

1 small bag of sharp, shredded cheddar cheese

2-3 small, green onions chopped (optional)

4-5 TBSP ranch dressing (optional, goes well with the chicken) Few dashes of paprika (optional)

Few dashed of garlic powder (optional) Salt and pepper to taste

Large bowl

Glass baking dish (also called casserole dish)



Cut chicken into bite size cubes, in a large bowl- combine 2 tbsp. of the buffalo sauce, the olive oil, and spices. If not using the paprika and garlic powder, adding salt and pepper is highly recommended. Place bowl in the refrigerator to let marinade. it doesn’t need to be a long one- 20 minutes will suffice, it’s usually nice to let this marinade while the potatoes cook.

For the potatoes- wash and pat dry, remove any bad areas seen. Cut the baby potatoes in half-I find this helps them cook faster. Add them to the bottom of your baking dish. Season liberally with salt, add pepper and other optional spices, and add the remaining 2-3 TBSP of buffalo sauce. Put the potatoes in a preheated 500 degree over-yes, it needs to be that hot. The potatoes will usually be nice and crispy in 25-35 minutes.

Remove the hot potatoes from the oven; lower the oven temp to 350. Grab your chicken out of the marinade bowl, and place it on top of your potatoes. Cook an additional 20 minutes until the chicken is cooked. Remove from oven, top with cheese-usually melts on contact. If you want, you can top with the cheese and broil it for a few minutes to get it nice and brown. The ranch dressing can be served on the side, but you can add it straight to the casserole by mixing a little bit in right before serving. Top with optional green onions.

Shared by Brittany Reaves