Got the “Credit Blues”?

There is so much information available on credit, that we will only just be scratching the surface in this post. But we’ll give you some great links to take you to more […]

Budgeting is sexy…

Ok, well maybe not for everyone, but it got your interest, right?! And there is a cool website called Budgets are Sexy (see the link below). So, in case you haven’t guessed […]

Meet Valerie

Valerie Kendrick is an AmeriCorps volunteer, who is helping part-time at Pensacola State College as our Financial Literacy Specialist. She comes to us as part of a local AmeriCorps project that has […]

So what’s been going on?!

Just in case you want to know what we’ve been up to this year, here’s a summary… We have implemented a plan that has involved promotion of Money Matters topics through college-wide […]