While there are varied definitions of Financial Literacy, some simply define it as being smart with money.

At Pensacola State College, our goal is to help students learn, understand, and utilize money management skills to better ▪ PLAN ▪ SAVE ▪ GROW their assets.

Thank you to our standing Financial Literacy Committee members who meet regularly to develop programs and activities for students during Money Matters week each April, and the many community partners who provide the manpower and skills to teach our students.

What We Do:

The Financial Literacy Committee works to spread awareness and to implement strategies designed to increase financial literacy skills within the PSC community – especially among the PSC students. Our goal is to help students persist and complete their degree or certificate program; to improve overall retention and graduation rates, and to raise the bar for the financial health of the community-at-large.

Past Accomplishments:

Money Matters Week – Since 2012, the annual Money Matters Week is held with activities on all three campuses during the month of April. Activities vary and may include: an essay contest, student panels, faculty contests, Financial Aid workshops, library displays, and an online scavenger hunt.

In 2020, during Money Matters week, seven (7) community partners presented programs on Identity Theft, Grocery Shopping on a Budget, How to Buy a Car, Credit and Credit Reports, Home Ownership – Getting a Mortgage, Financial Planning,  and Investing.

Community Partnerships – Oversight and support for expansion of Money Matters will include a local Judges’ financial literacy project, and inclusion of Money Matters on the Aim High Escambia website.

FCS Grant – Supported the implementation of Florida College System Foundation’s Financial Literacy Grant, awarded to PSC in 2012. The award underwrote a new financial literacy platform, Transit.

Academic Financial Literacy Incorporation – Support for all classroom financial literacy activities: Public Speaking, English, Business, and Adult Education.

Upcoming Events


“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and who work for it.”

– Robert Kiyosaki