Money ManagementTextbooks

It’s your first day of class in a new semester and you’ve just received your class syllabus. Your instructor sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher and you have two pressing questions on your mind:
1) “Is the textbook required for the class?”
2)”How much does the book cost?”

Before you stress yourself and create a “GoFundMe” page for textbook donations, check out these tips to make purchasing your textbooks a little easier:

1. Utilize the Campus Bookstore:
Did you know you can use your Financial Aid (loans, grants, scholarships) to purchase textbooks and other materials from our Pensacola State College Bookstore? This takes the headache away from hunting down books and their accompanying materials online and  allows you to walk out with store with everything you need.

2. Check Out the Pensacola State College Course Reserves List: 
You can search online at Pensacola State College Library under the “course reserves tab”, or visit the reference desk in any PSC library. Just be sure to have your class schedule with you.

3. Find a Friend:
Chances are someone in your circle of friends has the book you need, or knows someone who has it and can provide you with the book you need. You could also reach out to your “virtual friends” via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

4. Buy Used or Rent:
Buying used books or even renting books is a no-brainer. The same “new” edition of a textbook has the same material as a book that’s had a loving, previous owner. Renting textbooks are great for those classes in subjects you will have no use for in future semesters. Just be sure to take good care of the book so you can pass it on to another student who will need it later. Find the right textbook rental company for your needs by checking out ConsumerAffairs’ Textbook Rental Guide.

5. Give E-books a Try:
E-books are amazing. They are extremely convenient, take away the weight in your book bag from traditional textbooks, and can be used with or without internet access.

Here’s to a successful semester and money savings all year long!